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  1. Japie KnouwdsI'm the owner and Software Engineer of "Ask A Nerd Software Development CC".  I'm a very motivated, trustworthy and innovative person.  I've the following skillsets:
  2. Developed package and deployment solution for the K2 Silverlight designer
    Helped out with Silverlight front-end development K2 Workflow.
    Building POC solutions for Capitec bank (Integrate with Optical Character Recognition software). Main technologies used: WPF, XML, ABBY Fine Reader, Linq to XML Duties

    Design & developed website, to advertise businesses locally. Main technologies used: ASP.Net, SQL, Telerik Controls, Ajax, JQuery and MyGeneration

    Design & developed a automailer program and windows service to send out study material for students.
    Main technologies used: WPF, Sql, Telerik Controls and My Generation

    Design & still developing a Horse breeding application.
    Main technologies used: WPF, Sql, Telerik Controls, Entity Model and Linq to SQL K2

    Building processes with Blackpoint,Blackpearl Developed automation performance testing application (Graphs of memory usage etc).

    Developed Automation portal to schedule scenario of any kind of automation by using user controls and assemblies plug-in to the portal.

    Create windows application to help QA testers doing their testing. AutomatedQA : TestComplete and Test Execute to automate product testing. Build an (Visual studio 2008, SQL 2008) automation portal.

    Integration with TFS (API) SharePoint development & integration, get context from SP for a workflow designer that uses the latest silverlight technologies.

    Other skills: XML – Schemas,XPath etc Infopath – To start a process,inputs etc. SharePoint Silverlight 2,3,4 Microsoft Expresion Blend 2,3,4

    Basic knowledge of Javascript Ajax calls VBA Webservics REST Services Team Foundation Server (Checkin, Merging, Shelve sets etc.)

    Windows Phone 7 Development Blackberry Development Value Analytics (Software Developer)

    Partially developed a web solution for Gauteng Shared Services (Nokusa Online) that enable them to keep track of invoices by using the following technologies: Asp 2005 (VB.NET as a language) SQL Server 2005 Crystal Reports My Generation (Object oriented entity Generator) Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Developed an Internal Timesheet system for Value Analytics by using the following technologies: Asp 2005 (C# as a language) SQL Server 2005 Ajax Crystal Reports Active Directory Integration (API) Dynamic controls My Generation (Object oriented entity Generator) Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

    Developed a Honey Comb System for Eskom that lets you establish relevant employee development activities that are tied to employee goals, performance of competencies, career development plans and/or higher level organizational goals. This innovative software application allows you to effectively manage career development planning and succession planning within your organisation and to keep a record of your employees’ talents, skills and preferences or simply identify high potential employees and groom them to be successors to your key executives. Key technologies used: Visual Studio 2005, C# as language (Windows application). Business Object Crystal Reports SQL Server Express 2005 SQL Server 2005 My Generation (Object oriented entity Generator)

    Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Improvements, modification to existing Visual Basic 6 applications that also make used of excel. Optimizing applications by using SQL Profiler, by changing application to minimize the amount of database calls or find unnecessary database calls.

    Internal Training on Performance Point Other skills: Microsoft Expression Web Basic knowledge of Macromedia Flash Design Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Publish websites HTML knowledge Basic Java Script knowledge Google Adwords and Adsense campaign knowledge Master Pages CSS (Cascading style sheets) Mail Sending from applications Windows Services Web Services Microsoft Office Visio Microsoft Visual

    Developing and maintaining sub programs for universities: Cape Town (Cape Peninsula University of Technology and University of Cape Town), Johannesburg (University of Johannesburg), Bloemfontein (Central University of Technology, Kovsies), Pretoria (UNISA). Object Orientated (3 tier) programming Developing Reports in Crystal Reports 10 and 11 by using views, Stored Procedures (dynamic) and tables Developed Windows Applications in Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET)

    Developed a Helpdesk with ASP 2, Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET) and SQL. Partially developed a Training Schedule application using ASP 2, Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET), SQL Server 2005 and Crystal Reports 11.

    Developed a Leave Application by using Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET), SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports 11) Maintaining, testing, support and upgrading of existing applications Developed an Email windows service by using Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET) and SQL Server 2000 Enhancements and debugging to other windows services SQL – Store Procedures, views, designing, creating and maintaining databases, DT’s, Jobs. Implementing Web Applications on Web and Database Servers Software Help Documentation using screen captures, video’s streaming and presentations Client support

    Additional Experience: Source Control, Virtual PC’s.

    Developed an assessment centre system for client Developed html websites (CSS) Developed an aircon catalogue system
    Career Jump (hourly rate) Training : Diploma

    CTI (Computer Training Institute)
    Computer Concepts 87%
    End User Computing (Word, Excel, Access) 71%
    Using Linux 88%
    Processing and Logic Concepts 85%
    Software Engineering (SDLC) 72%
    Program Design 93%
    Relational Database Modelling & Design 85%
    SQL Server 75%
    VB.Net A(1,2,3) 78%
    VB.Net B(1,2,3) ( ASP.NET, Web Services )
    76% Hardware Essentials
    91% Network+ Preparation
    80% I-Net+ Preparation
    85% Administrating Linux
    80% Security+ Preparation
    80% Final Computer Science (Engineering)
    100% Final 78% Final SQL
    85% Distinction – 80%  

    Microsoft Training
    Exam (070-431) - Microsoft SQL Server
    Exam (070-516) - Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    Exam (070-515) - Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    Exam (70-513) - WCF Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    Exam (70-519) - Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    Attended the following Microsoft events:
    Introducing Visual Studio Team System SQL Server 2008 Deep Dive workshop
    What’s new in SQL Server 2008 for Developers Launch Wave
    The South African launch event of Windows Server® 2008
    Visual Studio® 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008
    Microsoft Essential Intelligence for Partners IW Forum A technical drill-down of the DOD 5015.2 add-on pack for SharePoint
    Developer Managers' Breakfast Realising Value through the Software Development lifecycle Microsoft and SDT ISV
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